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 Noah D/Antiserum/DZ

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PostSubject: Noah D/Antiserum/DZ   Tue Dec 02, 2008 8:42 pm

Sub.mission celebrates the end of a great year in DENVER DUBSTEP w/ 3 of the states biggest producers. This is a night not to be missed!

Portland, Oregon

Noah D started his musical career as a singer/songwriter playing multiple different instruments from guitar to didgeridoo to hand percussion and many others in between.
On the decks Noah D comes equipped with exclusives from many of USA's finest producers, international heavyweights and his own originals, while always bringing a taste of diversity and intensity mixed in a carefully crafted style that is guaranteed to create a memorable experience. Expect to hear a distinct blend of beats and bass sure to please even the most eclectic and discerning crowd.

Ottowa/ Vancouver Canada

In the international Dubstep scene many producers fill record bags and CDRs with their productions - but very few match the quality and consistency of DZ's efforts. DZ’s prodigious weekly output of music reaches dance floors from San Francisco, to Bristol and to Sydney and beyond. With 14 years of experience djing raves and clubs- DZ started focusing on production in 1999.
As a DJ- DZ likes to push the envelop by playing mostly unreleased/ exclusive music from new and talented producers. His live sets are full of energy. With dub after dub fired off faster than you can say BADMAN PULLUP! DZ, or whatever alias he produces under to keep up with his creative output, is one to keep an eye and ear on.........just follow the rolling sub bass.

San Francisco, CA

SanFran based Antiserum continues to help the growth of the Denver dubstep scene by rattling rib cages for the 4th time in two years! Antiserum has been supporting Sub.mission since conception- ideas, wisdom, and sheer genius behind the buttons- he is leading the dubstep scene in bass line massacre.

PM me names for the $10 list spots.
Limited number available, first come first serve.
List closes Dec 6th at 6pm.
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Noah D/Antiserum/DZ
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